by Gone Bald

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Razorblade Jr. - guitar/vocals
Marculius the IIIrd - drums

Recorded by: 'Robin the Dude' @ "Volta" (Amsterdam-Netherlands) on Sunday 4'th of march 2012

Mixed by Robin & GB

Mastered by Mihael ('mexo') Bele @ Deus Ex Machina (Zagreb-Croatia) 2013/2014

Artwork: Concept by Razorblade Jr. - Execution/Design by "This Town Needs Posters"

Video For "Caged Heart" By: Scott Breen


Q: describe us the process of making this feature.

A: this, RAW material, was recorded in just couple of hours in our practice room, with Robin's mobile studio, which (for this occasion) he brought on his bike,,
most of it are "one takes" and everything was recorded LIVE without any overdubs.

Q: what's the big deal about this feature.

A: this material is 10'th official GB album, and it was released on & for 20'th anniversary of band's existence, as a GIFT to whoever it may concern,,,,

Q: why isn't there any physical copies of this feature on the official release date.

A: ,,,,GB didn't received many gifts in it's existence, and the fact that this album is released only as a digital release,(on the official release date) here on Bandcamp, is not so we could "brag about giving it for free", (well,, not only) but also, among other things, the point that rec. labels are dying,,and the ones not dying,,are or: uninterested, unwilling to take "a risk" or have some faith in anything else then their own bands/projects,(they usually do/have/play in), mostly from their own environment,, or simply existing for "sure things",,cause they can't afford anything else,,, anymore?...
but with that,,forgetting the fact that for quite some time now ,bands are also paying for their releases,,or splitting the costs with the label,,
no,, i'm not talking about mayor labels,,and yes,,i'm talking about years here,not only present moment,, and also,,who's to say that it will never ever exist also as a physical copy?, or a re-release / re-issue.
and before you start being smartass (again,,) D.I.Y you ask?,, well,,, here you go,,that's exactly what's happening here...

Q: is the whole "scene" also dying with it?.

A: "scene" was buried long time ago, but no one cares/bothers to check that out, hence the flowerless grave,,,

Q: so are you gonna cry now like a little boy about it all?,,

A: ,, i'm honored to present this material,,in one way or another.

Q: why so much drama?,,

A: fuck you......

Marculius the IIIrd is no longer riding and waving the sword with GB, but his impact on & for this (and not only this) is obviously leaving a big ",,came here to conquer, and i did,," recipe for present & future generations,,,.
and at this moment, i would like to pass the mic to Marculius:

An inside story
By Marculius the IIIrd

What a pleasure! And what a pain! Everything comes back to me. The struggle to put all the pieces together. The shared happiness when we succesfully nailed one more part of one more carefully constructed song. We knew we were hot shit in that small practise room in Volta in the middle of melancholic Amsterdam, surrounded by parks, cars and canals. The breaks halfway the practises, when we opened the backdoor and Razorblade Jr. enjoyed a welldeserved smoke, as the trains rushed by only a few meters away from us. Me collecting the pieces of yet a couple of more broken drumsticks, collecting the parts of the music in my tortured, yet challenged mind. I did what I could and I did it well. The patience with which my good friend like a coach taught me the parts and how to feel them, how to slow down or speed up, how to deal with the dynamics of a song. Him being a far more skilled musical artist than I am, with a passion that is relentless, someone who sacrifices sleep and makes his fingers bleed to get a certain part which haunts him into its right place. With all the mathematical cleverness he masters to construct this music, down to the core it is pure personal sentiment, yes, DRAMA ROCK, which is presented here, not postrock, not noiserock. The screaming and whispering and seducing and making love to you and all of this bundled together in a couple of seconds and minutes happening: who else can play the guitar like this nowadays?!
The Drama reaches further than the music, unfortunately. It's dramatic that this band hasn't been able to play this music to you. The reason is as banal as it is urgent: me being ripped apart between my creative ambitions in Amsterdam and my flesh and blood pulling me back to Danmark. For what it is worth, let DRAMA ROCK be living proof of that battle.
Ladies and gentjemen, endjoy.

Marculius the IIIrd
Danmark, 09.01.2013

All songs & lyrics by: Razorblade Jr.
All music by Gone Bald
(except "Bad Houses" by BIG BLACK)

this release wouldn't be what it is now, without: Jorn & Volta Crew, Robin, Mexo, Darko, Sven, This Town Needs Posters, BB, Marculius the IIIrd & Razorblade Jr.

(after the official release date,a very limited physical D.I.Y edition of this album was made available for the gigs)



released May 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Gone Bald Amsterdam, Netherlands

officially 11 albums,"unofficially" 13, split 7",self made/produced comp+many other comp appearances,official video's,doc's+live stuff,some festivals,churches,a wedding(not at the same time)+multiple tours.
2014 marks 20 years of band's existence,20 years after hitchhiking to amsterdam,as well as 20 year anniversary of the first 2 albums & the 10'th official release. more info?-check the links..
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